The Rest of the Story

In July of 2016, a team from LCC headed to our nation's capital to gather with thousands of others at one-day event called TOGETHER. During the week leading up to the event, our team served in various ministries around Washington, D.C. Those ministries included Martha's Table, Central Union Mission, and the Capital Area Food Bank. Our team had the honor of preparing meals for the homeless, packing boxes, and baking meals for the elderly and homebound. While serving at Central Union Mission, Steven Bell, our Missions & Outreach Coordinator, had the opportunity to sit down with a gentleman from West Africa named Noel. Steven was able to spend time talking and praying with Noel, learning more about his story and his struggle to find work due to visa issues.

Now a year later, Steven and a different team returned to Washington, D.C. and again worked with Central Union Mission, preparing meals and feeding the homeless. Steven was able to see Noel again and learn that while he is still staying at the center, he's successfully working for a company in the area on their marketing team. His plan is to save his money to start his own business and then move home to West Africa. 

From Steven, "Noel immediately teared up when he saw him, because he said I had such an impact on his life. He says he refers to LowCountry (LCC) all the time when he is telling people about volunteering, because we do it right." 

There are times when we think that a simple conversation and act can get someone through tough times, and maybe even change a person's life. How can your daily conversations do the same? What would happen if we actually saw each other as we are supposed to see each other? What would happen if we truly cared about others? What would happen if we lived as forgiven people? What would happen if we valued people over our opinions? This could change everything.

And now you know a little bit about the rest of the story. How can you show up for those in your life today?