When God Came to Town

By Jeff Cranston

An amazing thing happened in Jerusalem just before the Jewish Passover. God rode a donkey into town! The all-powerful, all-knowing God, Creator of the Universe …
     The one who painted the rings around Saturn ...
     The one who formed the sun and hung the planets in the sky ...
     The one who made grass green and the sky blue ...
     The one who formed each one of us in our mother’s womb and breathed life into us

Have you ever thought about how amazing it was that God just strolled into Jerusalem? Let’s see what the Scriptures say about this. Read Luke 19:35-40


As we look at this passage, we can see that people reacted differently when God came to town. People were forced to take sides. When God rides into town, we’re all faced with a choice. We’re forced to either crown Him as our King or reject Him as our Ruler. When God comes to town, you can’t just ignore Him! When God comes to town, you can’t just pretend you’re spiritual. When God comes to town, you can’t just turn your back on Him.

According to this passage in Luke, how did people respond to Jesus Christ?

Some are callous. Did you notice who got the most upset about Jesus that day? The religious people! Why? Jesus upsets their rituals and the status quo!

Some celebrate. These folks were happy to see Jesus! They had waited and prayed for God to show up! Most of this crowd was overjoyed and ecstatic that the Messiah was in town! There was a party going on in Jerusalem that day!

There was also a third group. Read Matthew 21:10. We know this third group by the question they asked: "Who is this?" The majority of Jerusalem’s citizens were, it seems, ignorant concerning Jesus Christ. Here was the “glory of His people, Israel,” yet Israel knew Him not. The Holy One unknown in the Holy City!

Matthew 21:11 fills out the rest of the story: “And the crowds were saying, ‘This is the prophet Jesus, from Nazareth in Galilee.’”

They called Him “a prophet from Nazareth.” They almost had it—SO close to the total truth—if they had said a prophet of God or a prophet sent from God. But they said a prophet from Nazareth. They missed it. Here is One sent from Heaven! One sent to save!

You have no power to save yourself. You have no merit on which to come and stand before Almighty God. You have no goodness in yourself at all. You cannot earn acceptance with God without Jesus Christ. We appear naked before Him; we have no power to save ourselves.

But Jesus came to save. He bore the load of our guilt and sin. He broke the chains of our bondage. He creates us as new people through the power of His Holy Spirit. He conquers, and He alone conquers. The spoils of His victory come to us in the form of forgiveness, grace, and love.

The battle is His. The praise belongs to Him.  The victory is assured!

Jeff Cranston is lead pastor at LowCountry Community Church.


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