Relentless in Our Mission

Learn from Pastor Emery how the LCC Kids ministry is working with families to be relentless in our mission:

Whenever I think about our mission to change people’s lives through the message of Jesus Christ, I am reminded that one of the most important conduits to making change happen is relationship. The relationship I am referring to here is the relationship between the home and the church. In LCC Kidz, it is our belief that in order for real change to happen in kid’s lives, the love of the home must be connected to the light of the church. When parents and church leaders become relentless in making this relationship work, kid’s lives are dramatically affected. Without question, two combined influences (home and church) make a greater impact than just two separate influences.

Our approach to building that relationship involves two steps:

  1. The first step is our desire to partner with parents to help them recapture the home as a place to build their child’s faith. We know that all parents want what’s best for their child. No parent is perfect, but every parent wants to do a little more to help their child grow in their relationship with God. Our goal is to give parents the support and training tools so they can build their child’s faith at home a little more each week. Parents want to do more; sometimes they just need to be shown what that might look like.

  2. The second step is our desire to build a lasting relationship with each child that comes through our doors. Our motto is that “Every child is made in the image of God.” We train our dedicated team of volunteers, from the nursery through the 5th grade, to see your child through that lens. When we do that well, kids begin to create a lasting relationship with a caring adult.

As we begin a new season this fall in LCC Kids, we want to let our parents know that we will do everything we can to help you make faith happen for your child. We know faith is a lifelong journey that is not meant to be traveled alone, so let’s be relentless this year in our commitment to work together to build a stronger faith into the next generation of Christ-followers.

PurposeJeff Cranston