Your story matters. How did you first encounter Christ? What first brought you to LowCountry Community Church? What was important to you as you made the decision to become a Christ-follower? What has God been teaching you? Everyone has a story of how God is changing their life and your story is a gift from God that He can use to introduce people to Jesus.


Jnan Tierney

Ken & Judy Reinhardt

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Walter Wheeler

Brian & Erica Rollins

Amber & David Swinehamer

Brad & Lynda Tholen

Kevin & DeAnne Owens

Patty & Larry Laatsch

Davis Owens

Rush & Jessica Lowther

Justin Clemmer


Every single person has a testimony of how God has worked in their lives. Sometimes stories are dramatic, sometimes they're not, but they all have value. So if you have a story that should be told please take a moment to share what God has done in your life.  When you have the bravery to share your own story, it encourages others. It's not bragging, it's celebrating how God has worked in your life! So, if you're ready to share your story, fill out the form below with just a few details, and our Communications Department will contact you. We thank God that you are willing to share your story with the LowCountry Community family!