A Part of My Story

Maybe it’s the change in seasons with the shorter days and, dare I say, cooler weather, (one can only hope!), but I’ve caught myself reminiscing a little lately about the road of life and where it’s taken me. I’m at the age now where as my favorite author, F. W. Boreham says that, “(one) may be pardoned if he pauses at times to take long and wistful glances along the road he has trodden.”[1]

As I look back, I can scarcely believe how quickly time has flown and how much the world has changed. In the rearview mirror I see the streetlights of God’s loving hand lighting my way, the guardrails that have at times corrected but always directed me to the path He had for me, and His grace; His wonderful grace.

Thirty-four years ago this month I was ordained to the Gospel Ministry at Gunpowder Baptist Church in Freeland, Maryland. (Yes, that's really the name of the church!) My father and grandfather were part of the "laying on of hands" which made it all extra special. I had no idea then of the road I was being called to follow, but it's been a wonderful journey. I am grateful to God for His call on my life and to the wonderful people and church bodies I have met and served with along the way. I’m also grateful to my wife and partner in ministry, Darlene as well as my three daughters Tiffany, Lauren, and Emily. I wouldn't have wanted to do any of it without them by my side. We have been better together.

Well, that’s just a small part of my story. I would love to hear yours and I’m certain others would receive hope, courage, and strength from what you share. Would you consider taking a few moments and reminisce with me about what God has done in your life? Perhaps there is a valley He’s brought you through, an impossible victory, or something you are still trusting Him to finish. We all have a story and yours matters!

You can share your story online or stop by the information center on Sunday to tear off a slip from the "Share Your Story" pads, and turn it back in when you want. It's that easy! I can’t wait to hear your story.

Now, keep reading to see how your story can intersect and positively impact many more people through the Compassion Experience. It’s coming to LCC November 3rd – 6th as part of our upcoming outreach series, Without Borders.

The Compassion Experience is a free and interactive tour of what life is like in the developing world. I hope you and your family won’t miss it. Click the link for specific dates, times, registration information and how to volunteer for the event.

[1] F.W. Boreham, The Chalice of Life, pg. 23.