Springtime Activities the Whole Family Will Enjoy

By Evan Page

Nothing is quite like springtime here in the lowcountry. Beautiful flowers, warmer weather that teases you of all-day beach trips, and of course … pollen. Lots and lots of pollen. But as much as that little yellow color takes over the cars you drive, don’t let it take the fun out of spring! Here are a few activities that you and the whole family can enjoy together.

Go strawberry picking

Who doesn’t love fresh fruits and veggies? Thankfully, we are a short drive away from multiple strawberry farms where you can grab a basket, pick some beautiful red strawberries, and bring them home to chow on later. That is, if they actually make it into your basket! Maybe when you get home you can even plan a sweet treat as a surprise for after dinner using your fresh strawberry goodness.

Springtime Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy | LowCountry Community Church | Bluffton, S.C.

Plant your own garden

If your kids thought strawberry picking was fun, (or yummy!) just think about how much they would love growing their own fruits and veggies. Springtime is the perfect time to start your very own garden of goodies. Not only can it give your children a sense of accomplishment and responsibility, but it can also be a great example of biblical truth (Ex: 1 Corinthians 3:6-8, Mark 4:1-34). If fruits and veggies seem like too much, go pick out some flowers and plant those.

Picnic on the beach

That back and forth weather in the South can make it hard to enjoy time outside this time of year, but instead of getting bogged down by it, take advantage of it! Pick a night to make a picnic and go eat on the beach. You don’t need your bathing suit, and even if it is a little chilly, there’s no reason you can’t wear long sleeves just to get out and enjoy some new dinnertime scenery.

Dance outside in those springtime showers

As a mom, I feel like I’m constantly dealing with a big mess. I prefer a clean house and dirt-free floors but that isn’t an option when you have two small boys who are forever playing in mud. Realizing this was going to be my life, I started to embrace it, and it has definitely become a normal activity that I actually enjoy. So, this spring, when there is another afternoon shower coming at us and all you want to do is get the house clean, I challenge you to embrace the chaos. Get a few towels, put them by your front door and then go outside and let loose! It will be a memory you will never forget.

Whatever it is you do, take time to enjoy this season of life with your family. I doubt you will regret the time you take to spend it together. Want a few more ideas? Take a look at an earlier post on the LCC blog and take your family to explore nearby state parks!

Evan Page lives in Hilton Head Island with her husband, Stephen, and her two boys, Merrick (3) and Wake (2), and they are expecting their third baby in August. She is currently a stay-at-home mom and most of her days are filled trying to capture adventures with her children on camera.

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