Devotion: It’s More Than Just a Commitment

By Bryan Rollins 

When you were a teenager, did your parents give you the “you gave them a commitment” talk when you wanted to quit a social club, job or team? Mine did. I got “the talk” probably once every school year from my parents. The discussion would be about commitment, keeping my promise and my word, as well as dedication and seeing the task through.          

As I think about my teenage years, I’ve realized that my parents never had that conversation with me about church. All of those extracurricular activities had their place. They taught me, filled time, helped me exercise, but they were temporary—I could stop participating at the end of the season. Church, however, was presented to me as more than just a commitment or being a team member. It was about devotion.

Devotion: It's More Than Just a Commitment | LowCountry Community Church | Bluffton, S.C.

In Acts 2:41-47, members of the first church in Jerusalem are described as being devoted. By definition, devotion is more than a commitment or dedication. It's unwavering loyalty, signified by giving of one’s time, money and talents to a cause, enterprise or a person. The first church members were characterized as being devoted to:

  • The apostles’ teaching (study of God’s Holy Scriptures)

  • The fellowship (time spent together encouraging and correcting one another)

  • The breaking of bread (eating together and sharing in Holy Communion)

  • Prayer

  • Meeting together in the Temple Complex (worshiping God together)

Two thousand years later, can we look at the local American church and describe its members as having unwavering loyalty to God’s Word and prayer, and do they spend intentional time together? As a church member, how do you feel about this description? Would people describe you as devoted to your local assembly of believers? 

If you don’t think you would be characterized as a devoted church member, take a breath and remember the God we serve is a God of grace, and there is time to join what God is doing through the local church. He has designed you for biblical community—even you, my introverted brothers and sisters in Christ. He has given you skills, gifts, talents and joy to serve in and through the local church.

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Bryan Rollins lives in Bluffton with his wife Erica and their two dogs, Mia and Gracie. He serves on LCC’s middle school team as a 6th grade group leader and on the Sunday morning greeting team.